Refund Policy

Florida Legal Form Service

Florida Legal Form Service has a 100% Guarantee Policy as follows:

Supreme Court Approved Forms: Florida Legal Form Service only uses the State of Florida’s Supreme Court Approved Forms.

If your divorce documents are not accepted by the court, Florida Legal Form Service will give you a full refund, not including any costs associated outside of document preparation. To qualify for a refund you must first contact Florida Legal Form Service at and provide the following information:

  1. The title of the document(s) that the court rejected.
  2. The Court’s reason for the rejection of the documents by either the clerk/judge/court or case manager (Please forward any and all correspondence you received from the court that states their reason for the rejection by email.)

Florida Legal Form Service shall be given opportunity to correct any rejected documents in order for the court to accept the document. If the court continues to reject the documents after the 3rd attempt, we will issue you a full refund of the document preparation service fee.

Florida Legal Form Service does not refund if you cancel your order, or put a hold on filing the documents after you have purchased the divorce package and paid. However, we will continue your divorce process if you choose to continue with the divorce.

DISCLAIMER: Florida Legal Form Service (FLFS) is a non-lawyer, non- attorney service which provides prepared divorce papers based on the information you provided us. We cannot offer any legal advice and cannot represent you in any way whatsoever. We use Florida Supreme Court approved forms, which are in compliance with the court and are 100% accepted. FLFS will help you through the entire process of preparing the divorce documents, with minimal work on your end.