Non-Lawyer Disclosure

Florida Legal Form Service, nor any of their employees or contractors, are attorneys, or work in a law firm. We are not able to act as an attorney in the State of Florida.

No employees, or contractors are able to provide any legal advice, and Florida Legal Form Service is not a substitute for advice by an attorney.

No information contained on this website, or any other documents may be construed as legal advice and you are strictly prohibited from relying on Florida Legal Form Service, its employees or contractors as legal advice. If you are seeking legal advice, you must contact an attorney in the State of Florida in the County you are filing in.

Florida Legal Form Service is a document preparation service only, for individuals who are pro se (represent themselves). We simply fill in the information provided by you in the appropriate Florida Supreme Court Approved forms for you with the information you have provided on your intake forms, prepared for you to review and file with the court. We cannot alter your information, or give any advice.

Florida Legal Form Service is not an attorney, lawyer, or law firm and therefore, does not constitute an attorney-client relationship or any privilege as defined by law. If you feel you need the advice of an attorney, you are requested to contact and consult with an attorney licensed in the State of Florida.

Before Legal Form Service can provide any document preparation services you must fill out and sign a Non-Lawyer Disclosure form. You can find this form here: Please review and sign the document and email to Florida Legal Form Service at We will fill in the court information and Petitioner and Respondent for you.

What We Can Do For You:

If you decide to proceed with our Florida divorce document preparation services we can:

  • Prepare documents for your divorce with the information you specifically provide to us in the divorce intake form.
  • Explain court and filing procedures
  • Explain court procedures and requirements
  • Guide you to informative websites
  • Provide you with attorney referral services should you require an attorney

What We CANNOT Do For You:

  • Represent you in court
  • Give legal advice
  • Serve the other party papers

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DISCLAIMER: Florida Legal Form Service (FLFS) is a non-lawyer, non- attorney service which provides prepared divorce papers based on the information you provided us. We cannot offer any legal advice and cannot represent you in any way whatsoever. We use Florida Supreme Court approved forms, which are in compliance with the court and are 100% accepted. FLFS will help you through the entire process of preparing the divorce documents, with minimal work on your end.