Divorce – Missing Spouse

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Deciding to file for a divorce can be a stressful and uneasy decision to make. Fortunately, the process of going through a divorce where you are unable to find your spouse (missing spouse) after a diligent search in the State of Florida is quite simple.

Requirements For A Missing Spouse Divorce

In order to file for a Missing Spouse Divorce where you can’t locate your spouse you must meet all of these requirements:

  • At least one spouse has resided in the State of Florida for six (6) months
  • After diligent search that you can prove, your spouse is not able to be located. For example:
    • You have searched phone directories, possible residences, in cities and towns
    • You have contacted your spouse’s last known employer
    • You have diligently search on public records or tax collectors
    • You have hired a private investigator
    • You have asked the post office if they know of any forwarding addresses.

If you have met all the requirements above, then you can file for a divorce where you can’t locate your spouse in Florida, which is less costly and less time consuming. Divorce document preparation services like Florida Legal Form Service can make the process of preparing documents for your divorce much easier. We take the leg work out of preparing the documents and provide you with professional Florida Supreme Court Approved divorce documents.


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  3. You will receive your divorce papers in 1-2 business days (if emailed to you) or 5-7 business days (if mailed to you) after your Questionnaire has been submitted
  4. Sign & File Divorce Documents (We can help with filing too)
  5. $250.00 includes all documents necessary for filing with the court for a divorce when you can’t locate your spouse. It does not include any outside costs or fees including court costs, or process service costs.

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DISCLAIMER: Florida Legal Form Service (FLFS) is a non-lawyer, non- attorney service which provides prepared divorce papers based on the information you provided us. We cannot offer any legal advice and cannot represent you in any way whatsoever. We use Florida Supreme Court approved forms, which are in compliance with the court and are 100% accepted. FLFS will help you through the entire process of preparing the divorce documents, with minimal work on your end.