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Florida Legal Form Service provides services related to uncontested divorce with or without children, missing spouse divorce, or simplified divorce in Tampa, Brandon, Bloomingdale, Dover, University, Temple Terrace and other outlying cites located in the Hillsborough County, Florida area.

We can assist you with preparing your uncontested divorce documents, and other non-lawyer, non-attorney services for self-representing parties at a fraction of the cost it would be if you were to hire an attorney.

Start your divorce today with professional, experienced document preparing assistants.

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Affordable Online Document Preparation & Court Filing Services

We take the leg work out of preparing the documents and provide you with professional Florida Supreme Court Approved divorce documents. We also provide assistance with filling out the necessary forms for name changes and stepparent adoptions. You will be provided with all of the necessary court mandated forms to properly file your case with the court, and will be provided with step-by-step instructions on how to properly file your documents in Hillsborough County, or you can request that we do that for you.

Why Florida Legal Form Services? – Benefits of using our services in Hillsborough, County, Florida

  • We will prepare all documents necessary to complete the uncontested divorce process
  • We will provide you with completed documents to proof and sign within 48 hours after purchase that are approved by the Supreme Court for the State of Florida
  • We provide monitoring services for free on the progress of your forms once filed with the court
  • You will be updated regarding the filing services and provide you with a progress report via email
  • We will walk you through the entire process of filing your documents or we can file them for you
  • We care and have compassion for our clients because we understand how distressing the process of divorce can be on your, your spouse, and the rest of your family

Hillsborough County Family Court Information:

The main Hillsborough County Family Court is located in the 13th Judicial Courthouse located at 800 E Twiggs Street, Tampa, Florida. The main telephone number is 813-276-8100

https://www.fljud13.org/JudicialDirectory.aspxJudicial Directory for Hillsborough County Circuit Court for Tampa, Brandon, Bloomingdale, Dover, University, Temple Terrac, and other outlying areas in Hillsborough County, Florida. This directory provides information on the names. addresses and contact information for judges, judicial assistants, clerks and other divisions of the Hillsborough County Circuit Court.

Circuit Court Records Search Here you can search for cases that have already been filed in circuit court such as divorces, child custody, domestic matters, child support, and other circuit court actions in Hillsborough County, Florida.

Hillsborough County Divorce Counseling and Other Services of Interest:

Divorce Therapists located in Hillsborough County, Florida – If you feel you need support emotionally through the divorce process: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/therapists/divorce/fl/hillsborough-county

Hillsborough County Family Resource Guide – Services from Alcohol Abuse, to Pregnancy Services: http://www.safetampabay.org/resourceguide/communityservresources.html


Florida Legal Form Service (FLFS) is a non- attorney service which provides prepared divorce papers based on the information you provided us. We cannot offer any legal advice and cannot represent you in any way whatsoever. We use Florida Supreme Court approved forms, which are in compliance with the court and are 100% accepted. FLFS will help you through the entire process of preparing the divorce documents, with minimal work on your end at an affordable price.